Flashlights – Don’t Take Me Seriously Lyrics


This is a song that was written last summer and it’s off Flashlights‘ next album ‘Bummer Bummer‘. Head here to listen to the song.

Flashlights – Don’t Take Me Seriously Lyrics

It’s across my face again. Call me out, I already knew. Too far apart to tell you the truth. It’s too much to say, something I just can’t take.
There’s a difference in your smile today. I see it when the sun hits your face. I see memories of who I used to be.

Color in the lines, it’s making me sad. Do you care if I look like a wreck? Biting down to ignore the pain.Laughing at the songs you can sing. It’s all talk with you sometimes. I can’t feel you out. I want to be what matters. I can’t be around just to make you feel at home. You can never be alone.

That’s not how I work but I like it at first.

Back at home, my girlfriend doesn’t talk to me. I walk to my job to make next to nothing. Stand over the sink and spit in the dishes. Look into my reflection when I just can’t do this.

Waking up to no one. Go back to sleep to find myself being someone.
Most of the time I feel like I’m no one.

Flashlights – Don’t Take Me Seriously Lyrics